Thursday, May 2, 2013

Secret Dream

Did you think I wouldn't return?  That I would post one hopeful-random blog in a comeback attempt and then relapse into a deep blog anxiety?  I thought so, too.  But here I am. 

Have you ever had a secret dream?  I am not talking about dreams to become the next Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen (I mean hypothetically.  Who would dream that?  Weird.)  or the dream to someday grow your own garden with several greenhouses so you can grow exotic plants and fruits all year round and live off the land so that you never have to go into town to buy produce and face other people so as to satisfy your anti-social tendencies. 

I'm talking dreams that COULD come true, but would be very DIFFICULT or SCARY to turn into reality.  The first dream I had (or hypothetically somebody might have) about Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, is one of the impossible type.  The garden one, is far too probable and common to be a secret dream. 

My secret dream is....dare I speak the words aloud???

(Oh yeah, I forgot, nobody reads this thing.  It's pretty much safer than my journal.)

I would love to be a comedian. 

It all started on my mission.  President Miller (love that man) commanded/instructed that all the missionaries under his reign become familiar with to be able to share it with investigators. We had to be on it for one hour a week. On there is the story of a girl who has (openly) dreamed about becoming a comedian her whole life, and she talks about all the hard work she puts into it and how she develops her material and tries to become funnier all the time.  That's when it first hit me... you can become funny.  It's not something you're born with and that's that.  That was definitely a new idea. 

Well, a seed was planted and it's been festering for quite some time.  It's like that squirmy feeling you get right before you know you're going to do something you don't want to do, like jump off a very high bridge because a cute boy is watching.  (into water, of course, come on.)

So I turned to somebody I knew would understand.

Needless to say my brother was thrilled to discover that his sister was a closet-comedian-wanna-be.  Did he sneer up his nose at me and tell me I would never have the makings of an improvist?  He could have, but no.  That's how you know the measure of a man.  By the way they react to hearing your secret dream.  (remember that when you comment).  Anyway, I'll the keep the cosmos updated on my secret dream and if you happen to be really bored someday and desire to live vicariously through me, feel free to do so.  But please, let me know you've been here.  

Anyway, on to something more PRACTICAL.  
the 30x30 clothing challenge!  I have picked my 30 items, however, I have not had time to photograph them.  So you'll just have to trust me on that one.  Here are days 1 and 2 of the challenge.  

Day 1: black shade shirt, white cardigan, skinny jeans, and dance shoes :)  So cool.   Props to roommate, Becky, for taking the photo.  The second one.  Props to self-timer for taking the first one.

Day 2: blue button up, red cardigan, skinny jeans, and american colored boat shoes!  Preppy suits me, I think. And little Livvy definitely beats the accessories I had the day before.  You rock, Liv.  Thanks for making me look good ;)

Anyway, what's YOUR secret dream?????


  1. Haha, this was hilarious! Ahh, those Mary Kate and Ashley wannabe days. . .

    And this post actually gives me great hope! I also thought you're either born funny or not. If I'm ever in another comedy play, I've resolved to buck up and ask the more experienced actors for comedy tips. Can't wait to hear your routine :) But you know I'll laugh at anything, because it's you and you crack me up just looking at me.

    My not-so-secret dream is to be a published author. I want to make someone love reading. Whenever I say that I want to write a book, though, everyone else in the vicinity goes, "Me, too!" and I get discouraged. And with book stores going out of business, I think we're at the end of an era for print books, which makes me very sad. But, hey. My odds will go up if I actually try, right?

  2. Hopefully the sentimental schmucks (like me) will keep book stores alive!! I love print. Don't get discouraged, I know your book will be great, I can't wait to read it! I grew up always thinking I was funny because you and Cara are my friends. Need I say more? (aka you always laugh at my jokes. I probably didn't HAVE to spell that out, but re-reading it I realized that could be taken various ways.)