Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Time I Twisted My Ankle and Was Immobile for Almost Two Weeks

It's been 4 weeks since the incident.
So here's the story:
A group of us kids got together to play soccer and practice for the upcoming season as many of us would be playing together as the Honey Badgers (go Honey Badgers!  Intermurral of course--because we're at BYU-Idaho).  Anyway, so near the end of the game I was trying to protect my goal and a very brick-like young man ran into me--or maybe I stuck my leg in front of him, which would have been very foolish as he was trundling at a pretty high velocity--and my ankle twisted.  It didn't just twist a little abnormally, but it like twisted, in a way it's never twisted before.  It popped about 4 times and then I was on the ground panting and grimacing.  And maybe yelling a little?  But definitely not crying...that would be emabarrasing....
So yeah, as I was laying there, not crying, my friends all circled me in that way you wish they wouldn't.  I mean, isn't that that cardinal rule of sports injuries?  You designate one person to go check if they're all right and everybody else nonchalantly looks the other way pretending like they didn't see what happened?  Well, that should be the protocal, because you know how it goes when you're hurt and you get too much attention.  
The irony is, not an hour before this happened my friend and I were talking about getting injured on the feild and whether or not that person would be thinking about what other people thought.  He argued that in an injured state you would not be thinking about how others were viewing you.  I argued that you might.  Only because sometimes if the injury is bad enough you can go into shock and think about things that are totally irrelevant.  Well..he was right.  I didn't care what anybody thought. 
Looking back I am glad I didn't.  Because my friend Kyle had to pick me up and carry me all the way across the feild like I was a damsal in distress, and I was trying to play it off like it was no big thing.  But it was awkward.  The cool part was I got to ride on his motorbike, but it's really not as fun when it's vibrating your throbbing and tender foot. 
So here's the damage. 
Day 1
Sometime after day one:
Sometime after this video:
And eventually......

It looked so much cooler in real life.  But you get the picture.
How about those bruises?  I think I found my new favorite color :) 
What about you?  Ever had a cool injury?


  1. Oh, man, that's gnarly! Is it weird that I'm kind of jealous of your bruises? I always liked showing off bad bruises. Are you limpy?

  2. was, totally. for a long time. but now I can walk pretty normal. It's still swollen a little but the bruises are all gone. which stinks, cuz like you said, it was the best part! It made people believe it actually DID hurt :)